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Bcase Quick and Easy Tearable Velcro

Bcase Quick and Easy Tearable Velcro

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Have you ever wondered how to keep your wires organized and untangled?
This could be for you! 

Tangled wires can be inconvenient, particularly in a progressive world where cable wires are now a part of our everyday lives. Use this tape to organize cable wires now!

Very easy to use! Simply just tear the tape off with your fingertips
and wrap it around your cable wires.

You don't have to use scissors or other tools just to tape your wires.
With just your fingertips, you’ll be able to cut the tape by tearing it off

Made of high quality materials that will surely be beneficial for your wire management too.

Can be used in different sizes of wires or any long object you want to organize and manage.

Width: 3cm
Length Available: 1m / 3m
Colors: Silver / Orange
Material: PP Hook / Flannel / Super Stick Glue